I loved Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Knowing very little about it, I went to see it with a friend when it came out in theaters and was so obsessed that we went at least two more times in fairly quick succession. I still say “Socrates Johnson” and “Dave Beeth-oven,” and when my kids learned about Genghis Khan recently, I called him Bob. No Californian can drive by San Dimas without shouting, “SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES,” or at least I certainly hope not, and frequently when I’m puzzled by something I pull at my hair and sputter, “It’s… computers.” That movie is incessantly quotable. Honestly, “Be Excellent To Each Other, and Party On, Dude,” might make a stirring presidential campaign slogan right now. You’re welcome, Joe.

The sequel was not as delicious, but William Sadler is funny as Death, and so I’m pleased to report that he apparently makes an appearance in Bill & Ted Face The Music — alongside a whole mess of other people:

Kristen Schaal has taken up the mantle of George Carlin, for example, and Holland Taylor as the overlord of time travel is very fitting. That’s Glee’s Jayma Mays — though I prefer to remember her from Trial & Error, a delightful and forgotten two-season sitcom — pops up as one of the princesses. You’ve probably seen Samara Weaving, Bill’s daughter, in something. Anthony Carrigan, a.k.a. NoHo Hank from Barry, is also present, and Kid Cudi plays… himself? Sure! Listen, I don’t know how good I think this looks. I’m a little sick of Ted’s dad being a douche. But we all need light fun, and something tells me that by the time Sept. 1 arrives that will still be true and we will STILL probably be better off doing it at home than in a movie theater. Bless them for releasing it both ways. Are you in?