Famously, Seth Rogen is on-record as noting that he realized he needed to step up his red carpet game when he starred inĀ Long Shot with Charlize Theron. (It cracks me up that his breakthrough moment about not wanting to look like a public schlub involved Ed Sheeran wearing a tee shirt next to Beyonce.) Y’all, he really did. And he has kept it up. I don’t know if I’ve ever written a red carpet retrospective that had such a dramatic and welcome turnaround from someone. It’s, quite honestly, a delight. (Some credit must go to Wendi and Nicole Ferreira, who have been styling him for…an amount of time I could not totally pin down but definitely during The Noteworthy Years.) This man looked in the mirror and made a CHANGE. Come on the journey with me!

PS: I’m happy to note that this turned into a tiny bit of a retrospective of Rogen’s wife, the actress Lauren Miller — they’ve been together since 2004. Anyway, she looked fantastic the entire time!

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