Andreas Kronthaler is Vivienne Westwood’s husband and partner; she still runs her line that she shows in London, but he does her Gold Label collection now under his own name (well, as Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood). And he came out of the pandemic IN A MOOD:

Like many of us, Andreas Kronthaler had a clear-out during the pandemic purgatory. And like some other fashion designers he decided to incorporate deadstock into his collection in order to facilitate a Marie Kondo. Unlike his peers, however, Kronthaler did not only incorporate hoarded/forgotten bolts of fabric (such as the heavy, pale pink silk crepe from the 1990s in look 5’s nomad tabard), but also objects with “a very emotional” meaning. It was for sure surprising to see Lindsey Wixson wearing a cuddly toy Socrates swaddled to her head with a scrap of cloth, but when Kronthaler explained that the cloth was his baby blanket and Socrates his baby toy, it made more sense: the piece was a sort of letting go.

“Sense” is doing a lot of work there. However, I am so pleased to see fashion getting truly, hilariously WEIRD again. Your brain will be a pretzel after this one.

[Photos: Imaxtree]