‘Twas olden times — March 2010, in fact, exactly a decade ago — when Rihanna sported a poorly bleached bowl cut and a green becaped jumpsuit. We knew not what to do with capes back then, nor even jumpsuits, and certainly not that hair. We didn’t understand why this outfit had to end in leggings, which in fairness, I still don’t. Back then, we were such naive little children that we didn’t even think about the shoes, which now would be causing us endless teeth-gnashing. All of which is to say: Rihanna, strangely, may not entirely have carried off this Grace Jones-esque attempt back in 2010. She hadn’t yet grown into the fullness of her own magnetism — as evidenced by the fact that this hairstyle might be the only one of MANY MANY MANY that she isn’t pulling off. But 2020 Rihanna? She would RULE it, and frankly, I’d like to see her try.

Note to self: It’s time for a Rihanna fugtrospective. Once Fug Madness is in full swing, that’s going on my list.

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