There is something funny about a bra painted to look like a person’s nipple, and underpants that kind of look like what’s under a person’s pants, but seeing them both on Julia Fox at once might just be… kinda ooky? The nipple alone would have been amusing, straight-up; the underwear, though, really does make me shudder a bit. Something about the long seam, which reminds me of some icky slang for the region. If only she JUST looked like she was starring as the Artful Dodger in an insouciant Las Vegas Oliver! revamp, and hadn’t gone that one extra step. Coco Chanel (ugh) said to check the mirror and take one thing OFF; I wish Julia had put one thing ON, and that thing is… literally anything in the hotpants family.

[Photo: Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images]
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