It’s fun to see the Yellowjackets past-and-present together. I have to think this show will do pretty well in the nominees, and the question will just be how they split them into categories so they don’t pick each other off. My guess is, Melanie Lynskey for lead, Christina Ricci for supporting — so that they don’t cancel each other out, though if there was another adult submitted as a lead then I’d do her– with either Tawny or Juliette and then one of the teens getting in there too for a total of three supporting nods. It honestly depends on what dramas are eligible. I think I’d pick… Tawny Cypress, and Ella Purnell? I change my mind on this all the time, and by “all the time” I mean in the 20 minutes since I started writing this post, during which I typed and deleted four different things.

[Photos: Scott Kirkland/Shutterstock]