Friends! Enemies! Frenemies! The time has come: TOTE SEASON IS BACK. In fairness, every season is tote season but now that it’s warming up and more people are getting vaccinated, we appear to be returning to a time when you might have Places to Go where you want to bring some stuff. Like the beach! Your lake house! Maybe THE Lake House. On a plane???? To a picnic! I don’t know your life, but I do want to help. Also, I’m pretty excited  — and this is sort of sad? — that soon I’ll probably be able to bring my own bags back to Trader Joe’s. Truly, it’s the little things. But this is probably where I tell you that I was inspired to revisit this post because I was admiring my LL Bean tote that hangs in my laundry room. I can carry SO MANY groceries in it. I also LOVE this Lands End bag with all the pockets!. And while I was getting that link, I learned that Lands End sells something called a CASSEROLE TOTE. The description is VERY midwestern: “Have you ever been on your way to a celebration with Mom’s piping hot tater tot hotdish burning a giant pan-shape into your thighs? Us too.  That’s why we designed the Potluck portable insulated casserole tote.” Having said that….yes, but it was a lasagne and do I need this???? Because it does seem low-key brilliant.

Anyway, you might need something new — or just WANT something new — to lug your stuff around in. To wit:

A friendly piece of advice: Double check the size of the tote before you buy it or else you might end up with like a VERY LARGE tote please don’t ask me how I know this.

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