I fell into a flannel wormhole last week, and here we are! And there is truly no better time for it, as it appears that the 90s are sincerely back — I’m sure this (very cute!) flannel-lined jean jacket would have also been a hot property in 1993.  Personally, given that Los Angeles is about to be hot for at least another six weeks, I’m trying not to go FLANNEL MAD, but I DO feel like I might need flannel sheets covered with little sweaters, including a sweater I own? Or maybe these, with tiny skiers on them! Or these sheets, technically for children, with little pine trees all over them? Am I obsessed with sheets now that I never leave the house? I’ll talk to my therapist about that this afternoon. Until then, please enjoy this melange of flannel — sheets! Wine bags! Shirts! Something for your dog!

As a sidebar, almost everywhere I’m shopping lately has big signs up on their stores/websites that are like BUY YOUR HOLIDAY STUFF NOW!!! So bear that in mind if you see anything that might work for someone on your list.

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