Did you buy anything this past year that brought you some special joy? It can be large (a sailboat! A Vespa! A horse!) or small (some very delicious gum! A perfect new notebook! Great jam!) or anything in between. Something that made your life easier or more entertaining or a tiny bit more thrilling or even more pleasantly silly or enjoyably weird? Please share — and, truly, the tinier and sillier the better. I want to know if you stumbled on some brilliant new glue sticks or obscure cuticle cream! Mine is very unglamorous: I bought these adhesive tap lights and installed — “installed” — them under a shelf in my laundry nook, which is very dark. Every time I turn them on so I can see my laundry when I fold it, I am delighted anew! (That’s an affiliate link to Amazon. I’d love to know why so many Amazon users want to know if they can teach a dog to use them.)

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