Don’t Worry No Comma Darling screened in New York last night, with much of the cast in support of it. Minus one, which, again, has apparently been a long-planned absence. If Florence Pugh needed to set boundaries for herself as regards doing press, and was able to get those wishes granted, then great. Frankly, more people everywhere deserve help avoiding toxic situations — which at this point we kind of have to assume this became for her, in one way or another, or else none of this makes sense? If that’s the case, then good for Florence for realizing she had enough stroke to ask for this.  The question becomes: How long can it go? Certainly she can decline comments in interviews forever if she’d like, but what if this movie gets awards attention? Will she skip everything? The Golden Globes are trying to make a comeback, and will do it on NBC this year again. The HFPA, for example, is just chaotic enough to nominate Florence at the very least, if not also Olivia, just to Watch What Happens (and yes, I’m using the slogan of our national Housewives network intentionally). If Florence really is that strong, and the field doesn’t generate much else people want to nominate, it might be increasingly hard for her to pretend this movie doesn’t exist. Buckle up. Maybe?

[Photos: Stephen Lovekin, Gregory Pace/Shutterstock, Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock]