Okay, she’s promoting her new independent film, Sometimes I Think About Dying, which sounds like something that is not specifically for me in the dead of winter, but might be your jam! That top outfit feels SO kooky to me for an event that was FOR RADIO and also like the bottom there might be Secret Bloomers — which would be a great name for a lingerie store but not really my thing as far as outside clothing goes.

But this vibe is SO good on her:

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - January 25, 2024

I don’t know why people keep calling this sort of thing “stealth wealth,” other than the rhyming factor. This is just regular classic old-school wealth vibesLike, Original Sauce Wealth. Instead of calling this Stealth Wealth, I feel like we should start calling, like, Dorit on Real Housewives wearing an outfit covered with Fendi logos LOUD WEALTH. (I wish I could think of a rhyme though.) ANYWAY: This sort of moneyed, conservative, uptight thing looks great on her. Do I need a matching sweater and skirt now?!

(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, Raymond Hall/GC Images]