Look, no shade with that headline there — Charlize is presumably getting big bucks to show up and cut the ribbon on this new Breitling store in the meatpacking district and good for her. She’s been a brand ambassador for them since 2021, and I’m sure they’re not just paying her in watches. I support her getting paid! She’s also brand ambassadoring for Dior here, with perhaps mixed results, although I welcome your take. She looks gorgeous, as she is Charlize Theron, but this outfit is kinda…confusing, I guess? There’s like…a jeweled chainmail shirt involved? The whole thing feels like she’s a Rich Goth Witch Who Just Got Beamed Back Into the Modern Era After a Stint in the Middle Ages And Headed Right Off to Vacation:

Breitling's Meatpacking Boutique Grand Opening

I guess I appreciate the specificity!!

[Photos by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images]