It’s Spring Break time! And I want to know about your goofiest, funniest, craziest spring break stories. Did you end up on Girls Gone Wild looking irritated in the background? Did you end up on Girls Gone Wild as a girl going wild? Did you once accidentally get lost in Florida and end up facing down a crocodile? Did you jaunt to Mexico and wind up falling in love there and now you’ve thrived in Mexico for thirty-five years? Did you decide to repaint your entire house and now only half of your house has been painted for the last decade? After a series of wacky events, did you wind up on MTV? Did you go on a closet clean-out and discover a priceless objet you thought you’d lost? Did you adopt two bunny rabbits and now are a Crazy Rabbit Lady? (Cute!) Did you decide to make a complicated meal for your family and end up pulling a Rachel Green and the Trifle? You get the gist. Tell us your story!

(Photo by Bob Riha, Jr./Getty Images)