I’d been curious what Kacey Musgraves would wear to perform on Saturday Night Live, but when she took the mic I was only half paying attention (stupid Two Dots), so it was really more of a dawning realization for me that she did not appear to be wearing… anything. As of this writing, all she has done in reference to this is post a shot to her Instagram stories of Robin Wright as Jenny in Forrest Gump, singing naked with her guitar in a bar, which presumably was the visual reference for this. It is a curious choice. That was not a happy time in Jenny’s life. Then again, “justified” is about Kacey dealing — or not, quite — with her recent divorce, so I guess the connective tissue is… being emotionally laid bare? Hopefully Kacey is not about to enter into a years-long emotional entanglement with a man who will run across the United States without shaving, before dying young at his childhood home.

I have a couple grabs, but it’s interesting to watch the whole performance:

I have no idea if she’s actually naked, but I would ASSUME she’s wearing SOME kind of cutlets in front, or…? Certainly it’s convincing. At first I thought, “Oh, yeah, they’re shooting her really carefully,” and then I realized that because she isn’t moving then it wouldn’t actually be that difficult. The onus was more on her not to shift the guitar than anything else. As if a person needed anything ELSE to worry about while performing live on national television. During a pandemic. In a potentially grimy Rockefeller Center studio. I hope she brought Lysol wipes.