Please don’t send me an enraged message! As I sat down to actually type the body of this post, I remembered that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are technically betrothed and not actually legally wed — but they share a child and have been afianced since 2019, so I’ve made the executive decision that they’re going to be Goldie-and-Kurting it and thus I shall not rewrite my headline! No matter you say! (PS: In researching this fact, it came to my attention that Orlando’s full name is Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Copeland Bloom, something I’m sure those of you who were youthfully obsessed with him already knew. But I love a name that’s a mouthful.) I have no reason to think these two are not congenial — Miranda and Orlando have a little boy, so she and Katy certainly have a lot of reasons to be friendly, and they’re both on record as really liking each other — but it’s still always fun to see the current and the ex kicking it. Imagine how much press push Jennifers Lopez and Garner would get if they teamed up to promote a philanthropic organization! Or if Aniston and Angelina paired up to raise money for something or other! An editor at Us Weekly just felt a delighted tremor and doesn’t know why! Food for thought. Also, everyone here looks nice, gold lamé bra top and all.

[Photos: Stewart Cook/Shutterstock]