I think I need a Town & Country subscription. I ALWAYS read their cover lines and think, “wait. I DO want to read that.” I for sure need to know about these $15,000 trees. I feel like current T&C is inching ever closer to old-school Tatler — and that is a compliment.

This interview is good! (And it has a snapshot of Russell with Matthew Rhys on set of The Americans which is very funny, because they’re in full Elizabeth and Phillip Jennings gear but their faces are totally relaxed and normal.) I essentially feel like I just…really like Keri Russell?

Rhys is still tightly woven into the fabric of Russell’s professional life. He is, at heart, a stage actor, and this fact influenced Russell when she was offered the role of Anna—a dancer and choreographer grappling with the death of her roommate—in Burn This. “He lived his whole life doing that, and I’d heard about it so much that I was like, ‘Yes! That’s what everyone should do,’” she says. The show was one of the flashiest and most publicized plays of the season, but the critics gave it middling reviews and Russell quickly learned that life on Broadway wasn’t as spectacular as she expected. For a start, she would be missing her children’s bedtimes for four months straight. “And I realized that you have to do this in front of people. I was like, ‘Holy fuck! What was I fucking thinking?’ ”

This also feels really true:

She notes that Rhys will likely be working “forever” but that she may have a shorter lifespan in the business. And yet she seems constitutionally incapable of letting that fear guide her toward projects that compromise her or that interfere with her cozy family life. “I always feel that if you take too much, it’s going to get you,” she says, shuddering a bit. “The money is there, but nothing’s free. You’ll pay for it down the line.”

It’s worth a read.

[Photos: Marc Hom]