It sort of amuses (????) me that all these woman are in TV shows about Angry Ladies With Giant Problems: Elisabeth Moss is, uh, living in a nightmare hellscape for women, Thandie plays a very angry sex robot with feelings (more or less), and Sandra Oh is a woman who has a, um, super complex relationship with a sociopath (who is, at least, also a woman). I must confess, I don’t watch Handmaid’s Tale because I didn’t feel like escaping into a dystopian reproductive-choice nightmare when unwinding from living in the now, and I quit Westworld after season one, because I got sick of all the men blah blah blahing and the violence was too much for me. I am, however, still sticking with Killing Eve, because I like it when the ladies get to be the stabby ones, and also it’s just really entertaining.

The interviews accompanying these covers are quite good — they won’t take you too long to read, and all three of the woman are honest and interesting — but the thing that struck me about this month’s Marie Claire was that two-thirds of these cover subjects are over 45.¬† ¬†They look…well, let’s talk about it! To the slideshow!

[Photos: Thomas Whiteside]