Congratulations to Mary J., who was inducted into the Apollo Theater’s Hall of Fame over the weekend. I kind of wish she’d bobbed or otherwise cropped her hair — the mountain of overlong wavy extensions feels very Jessica Simpson to me, in a way that Jessica herself also might want to update occasionally — but I can appreciate that the aesthetic has a ’70s edge to it that also vibes with the jumpsuit. Honestly, it’s the shoes that get me. They look like fancy sport sandals, or shower shoes, as I called them back when I lived in a dorm and had to wear them to take a shower. I feel like pointy-toed boots would be the ticket — black and sparkly, maybe?

But the jumpsuit itself is the right call — it’s lively and fun and perfect for those rare occasions when you are required to squat or kneel at work:

Mary J Blige inducted into Apollo Theater Walk of Fame, Harlem, New York, USA - 28 May 2021

In a jumpsuit, she can safely Mary J. Oblige. ZING.

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