This all reminds me that I saw an infographic about the Family Baldwin somewhere the other day where the headline was, “EVEN BIEBER’S A BALDWIN! FIND OUT HOW!” and while obviously I knew how — I muttered, “by marriage” to my phone — I did have to wonder if the youth who wrote this piece understood that back in the day, “he’s a total Baldwin” was slang for “a hottie,” or if perhaps it was penned by a fellow Old who felt pleased with herself for the wordplay. Either way: Enjoyable three minutes forĀ moi.

Hailey’s out and around NYC doing a full-court press press for her new skincare line Rhode, and while I don’t 100% love-love every single look here, as a whole, this wardrobe is cohesive, professional, and fun. She’s been working with stylist Karla Welch lately and they seem to really vibe. These snaps also really make me want to go back to New York, which is definitely not the intention, but…here we all are!

[Photos: Photo by MediaPunch/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images, MEGA/GC Images, Gotham/GC images, THE HAPA BLONDE/GC Images]