First of all, props to Cosmo for managing a December/January cover that does give Winter Festive without putting anyone in a Santa hat or dressing them like a Christmas present. This feels festive but also like it’s festive on a glamorous vacation, which is hard to resist. Second round of props to Cosmo for moving away from their traditional Being Hot Against a Brightly Colored Backdrop covers, which are sincerely iconic and were a huge part of their brand, but I think they were correct to refresh them to appeal to their presumably mostly twenty-something readership. This cover is really good! It looks like the end of a very good New Years Eve party, and her red lipstick is just perfect. (As is that hair.)

The profile is good — the questions were crowd-sourced from the Cosmo social media, which is a fun idea that is also probably really good for engagement on their socials, so win-win for everyone. I liked this one:

And now for some fun rapid-fire questions. Best red carpet run-in of all time?

My first Met Ball ever, I walked onto the carpet the same time as Beyoncé and Gisele. I literally was in maybe four or five photos that year, and Gisele is, like, fully behind me in all of them. I will never forget that first Met. I couldn’t walk three feet without being like, “And there’s J.Lo. And there’s Beyoncé and Jay-Z. And there’s Gisele and Tom Brady.” It was the most surreal thing.

Definitely click through to read it and see the rest of the photoshoot, which is very well done and has a similar party vibe to the cover. This snap, for example, is really good:


I mean, come on! That is, as the youths and the youngs say, a vibe.

[Photos: Ellen von Unwerth for Cosmopolitan]