Somewhere, Lady Edith is DELIGHTED. Finally! Someone has chosen a family photo in which she looks better than Lady Mary. VENGEANCE AT LAST! It only took eighty years. (Don’t worry, Lady Mary Enthusiasts — of which, of course, I am one — Michelle Dockery looks fantastic in the inside spread.) Additionally: I do want to read EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE in this issue. The Emily Post of prison? Yes, please. Are the most interesting people already dead?! That’s like an old-school Tatler-level headline, and I have no greater compliment.

The article itself is very well done — in full disclosure, we know the author, Elizabeth Holmes (you probably follow her So Many Thoughts on Instagram, if you’re reading this) — and I think you will very much enjoy reading it. (Don’t worry, there are no spoilers, unless you consider, “There are a lot of people in this movie, and they’re all very professional” to be a spoiler.) There are also more snaps than just these, which I ALSO think you will enjoy. Perfect fodder for a Monday afternoon.