The cover is great; the internal pictures made me giggle. In a good way. Join me and eyeball Federer for a bit today, shall we?

PS: There are more pics — many of which are slightly goofy in a way you will probably appreciate — at GQ. For what it’s worth, Federer consumes a lot of cheese in the interview (in the literal sense), and also comes across like a very nice person, which I imagine that he is. I will note that it irks me when profiles like these consistently refer to Federer as the greatest of all time — as GQ also did on Twitter yesterday, and for which they were rightly scolded — when everyone knows that Serena Williams holds that honor. Come on. You have the letters on your keyboard with which to spell out “the greatest MEN’S PLAYER of all time,” so use them. Yes, that clarification ruins your ability to use GOAT as often as you might wish, but accuracy is important, now more than ever. I’m sure Roger himself would agree.

[Photos: Craig McDean exclusively for GQ.]