I LOVE this cover. It’s sexy, but still feels really natural and unforced.

The interview is also quite good. I have to say, I interviewed JLD at the Emmys one year very briefly, when we were covering the red carpet for Vulture, and she was THE NICEST — I still have her saying, “get out,” to me (very deadpan) on my phone and need to figure out how to make it my ringtone or perhaps my alarm. Actually, EVERYONE from Veep was delightful: Tony Hale was EXTREMELY WONDERFUL, and I’ve spoken to Anna Chlumsky several times (mostly at Fashion Week, not in a way where she’d remember me at all) and she was always ever A DELIGHT. But JLD comes across here as smart and awesome and I want her to be, and that is rare:

“My agenda was only ever to make an exceptionally funny show, but wouldn’t it be nice if it further opened up the conversation about powerful women?” she asks rhetorically. “Why is a powerful woman a complicated thing? Why is asserting ourselves so hard? I feel it myself; any time I assert myself in a strong way, or I feel highly opinionated about something in a work environment, there is a voice in my head that is questioning it, wondering if I should rein myself in.”

It’s not a super long piece, but it’s a pleasure to hang out with her briefly, and I think you will enjoy it. I don’t get that sprung about celebrities anymore — I think about the way the sausage gets made all day, for one thing, and, after all, they’re just people with the same fuck-ups and foibles as the rest of us (in a perverse way, I’ve long thought that the current fandom default of believing that a celeb can do no wrong is the best way to eventually destroy that person, because that sets a bar that is too high for human beings to clear 100% of time) — but I do truly love her, and I’m so glad she is well. And also that she looks BANGING on this cover, damn!