It’s just about time for all of us to be sitting by a pool reading a book, so let’s DO THIS. This is a reader request — and a timely one! – and I think it’s going to be one that involves a lot of discussion, because obviously swimsuits can be tricky to shop for and personal recommendations are therefore GOLD. I myself have sort of moved out of the Two Piece Arena, because I am more often around kids than I used to be, and I want to wear something that I’m fairly confident my boob won’t come out of when I’m in the company of elementary school students. I have three one pieces that I really like: This Boden piece which is very flattering and very cute, a J.Crew strapless/halter convertible that of course they don’t make anymore (J.Crew has cute swimwear in general, though; I love this rash guard situation), and my Sexy One Piece Option is by Marysia (it’s not cheap, but if you keep an eye open, ShopBop will occasionally have a big old sale, which is how I nabbed it. It isĀ for when I am not too concerned if my boob emerges). Back in the day, when I wore more bikinis, I would always splash out and get them at Target, which always has cute and affordable options. (I also think Target has GREAT beach towels.) My sister has this Esther Williams number, and it’s VERY CUTE, and I also picked out some options that you’ll see in the widget that seemed like decent potential options:

But if you’ve had Exciting Swimsuit Success, please share! Instagram wants me to buy a Summersalt bathing suit SO MUCH and I am tempted, so if you’ve got one, please share. (I don’t need another bathing suit. What do I think I’m doing this summer?) And, as a note, many of those suits are available in a lot of sizes, regardless of what size the model is, so if you like one, click through and check.

FYI: GFY uses affiliate links where available, which means we get a tiny bonus if you get yourself something new. I can assure you that all items were personally chosen by me while I sat around drinking white wine and watching Killing Eve.