I put a call out for suggestions for this post on Twitter last night, and lo and behold, Fug Nation has answered: Many of you are in need of some cute summer dresses, and I am here to serve. (I also got a lot of great other suggestions in that thread, and will be doing a variety of them — thank you all for doing my work for me!) The truth is that this was my own first instinct, and it is because I LOVE A SUMMER DRESS. This one, that I got from J.Crew last year and that they’re miraculously still selling, is sitting out right now because it’s supposed to be warm enough this weekend in Los Angeles to FINALLY WEAR IT. And thank god. The real question is: Will I have the wherewithal to resist buying another dress with tigers on it? I’m also tempted by nearly everything at Sezane right now because in my fantasy world I’m spending the summer in France, or maybe having a chic and leggy courthouse wedding. (And, this is off topic for this particular post, but if you wear an 18 or a 20 PLEASE buy this yellow sequined shift dress because it’s SO CUTE and I want someone to have it. Thank you for your consideration.)

Just as an FYI, a lot of the dresses shown in the widget below are available in a wide range of sizes — a lot of the dresses shown on plus-size models are available in smaller sizes, and vice versa, so if you like it, click through and see what they’ve got.

Buy yourself a dress and have yourself a picnic, it’s almost summer! THANK GOODNESS.

FYI: GFY uses affiliate links where available, which means we get a tiny bonus if you get yourself something new.  I can assure you that all dresses were personally chosen by me while I sat around drinking Pellegrino and watching Real Housewives of Potomac.