Reader, I laughed out loud at, “Should You Get Bangs, or Do You Just Have a Lot of Feelings?” What if the answer is both, Cosmo? WHAT THEN?

That aside: It seems the ascetic version of Cosmo on which they plonked Gina Rodriguez was short-lived. At least the word “sex” here is relatively small, by their standards? It’s nice that the astrology section is more important to them than the part where they tell you all the things you’re doing wrong in bed. But can we talk about the pizza? I’m at least glad it’s not our GFY version of pizza, but rather ACTUAL pizza. And I get that the March issue is on stands during Valentine’s Day, so they probably think the heart-shaped pizza is cute and a little wink to the holiday, but: Why do they have her snagging a tiny piece with a sidelong glance, as if it’s something to feel guilty about, and why did they decide that was the best showcase for Lana Condor? Do they think people will buy it because Girl Guiltily Appears to Consider Eating Pizza is relatable, or something? There’s a video right near the top of the story, which plays silently as you scroll, of her bouncing on a bed and doing a bunch of other posing work with the pizza… they were just really, really hooked on the idea, apparently. The whole shoot is pretty scattered. You’ll see in the slideshow.

The story mostly focuses on setting the record straight about her relationship, which is NOT with her co-star Noah Centineo, even though she admits they both played into the vibe for a little while to promote To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. The tone of it is very much that she has a loving and supportive dude who doesn’t seem the least bit threatened or perturbed by her explosion in popularity, and that she is unabashed about being proud of her success, and that’s nice. It’s sad that — as noted in the story — everyone’s reaction to this is, “You’ve got to HANG ON LIKE GRIM DEATH TO THIS MAGICAL MYSTERIOUS UNICORN OF A MAN.” Dudes in general still have some PR work to do on this front, it seems.

[Photos: Cosmo]