This is a perfectly nice cover — very springy, as it should be, and very colorful. It’s rare that a person can look nice while also staring down her nose at us, while we gaze into her nostrils, but Brie has mostly pulled that off. I am not sure she’s carrying the dress, which looks tangential and fairly plonked onto her, but she IS carrying off the bird. Oh, the bird. She and the bird are each giving major face. It’s a motherf*cking face-off. That said, I’m not entirely sure WHY they insisted she chill with a bird on her shoulder, digging its nasty gnarly feet into her skin, and possibly soiling itself down the back of her shoulder and onto the Carolina Herrera gown. If they are trendy for spring, then I’m just gonna sleep until October.

The author of the story, as is mentioned twice within it, edits Marvel comic books. That might be why the piece is extremely dry. It’s better than a Q&A with another celebrity, but it’s still a bit of a slog. Also:

Larson endured intense physical training for nine months and was eventually able to dead-lift over 200 pounds and hip-thrust over 400 pounds. (There’s video proof on Instagram of the latter, after which she drops the weights and scarfs down a cookie.) 

And naturally, the button on the whole thing is Brie making a crack about all the pizza they ate. I know she said it, but really, that’s your big finish? Sigh.

[Photo: InStyle]